How sugar from the factory is made and why it’s important to know


When was the last time you thought about how sugar gets to your table? Probably never. We’re used to taking this product for granted. However, the process of sugar production in a factory is a complex and interesting journey that is worth getting to know better. In this article, we will explain how sugar from the factory is produced and why this process is important for everyone.

The sugar production process: from cane to crystals

Sugar production begins with the cultivation of sugar cane or sugar beet. These plants are the main raw material for sugar production. After harvesting, the raw material is transported to the factory where the magic of turning green plants into white crystals begins.

  1. Collecting and transporting the raw material: The sugar cane or beetroot is harvested in the fields and transported to the factory. This step is important to keep the raw material fresh and to process it quickly.
  2. Crushing and juice extraction: At the factory, the raw material is crushed to extract the juice. This juice contains the sugars we need.
  3. Purification and evaporation: The extracted juice is purified of impurities and evaporated to produce a syrup with a high sugar concentration.
  4. Crystallisation: The syrup undergoes a crystallisation process to form sugar crystals.
  5. Drying and packaging: The finished sugar crystals are dried and packaged for further transport and sale.

Why it is important to know about sugar production

Knowing the sugar production process helps us better understand what we eat. This enables us to choose a quality product and support responsible producers. Understanding the stages of production also helps us to be conscious about our sugar consumption and control the amount of sugar in our diet.

How is sugar made from sugarcane?

The process involves harvesting the cane, crushing it, extracting the juice, purifying it and crystallising it. The finished crystals are dried and packaged for sale.

Is it possible to make sugar at home?

Technically possible, but it is a very labour-intensive and time-consuming process that requires special equipment and skills.

What is the difference between cane sugar and beet sugar?

The main difference is in the raw material. Cane sugar is made from sugar cane, while beet sugar is made from sugar beet. The flavour and chemical composition can also differ slightly.

Sugar production is an energy-intensive process that requires a large amount of resources. Choosing a responsible producer that uses environmentally friendly production methods helps to preserve nature and maintain health.

Pros and cons of consuming sugar


  • A quick source of energy
  • Improves mood
  • Used in a variety of recipes and products


  • Can lead to weight gain if consumed excessively
  • Promotes tooth decay
  • Can be addictive

Comparison of cane and beet

Cane sugar Beet sugar
Colour Darker Lighter
Flavour Slightly caramel Neutral


Процесс производства сахара на заводе – это увлекательное путешествие от зеленого поля до белоснежного кристалла. Понимание этого процесса помогает нам делать более осознанный выбор и поддерживать ответственных производителей. В следующий раз, когда будете наслаждаться чашечкой кофе с сахаром, вспомните о тех усилиях, которые вкладываются в производство этого продукта. Это знание сделает ваше удовольствие еще более приятным и осознанным.

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